Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
My journey will start in one year, when I graduate college. I will start the journey of life and I still have no sure idea of which direction I should take that first step. So, I have decided to prepare myself by taking a smaller journey first.
At the end of this summer, I will have 3 weeks between the time my internship ends and my senior year begins. I have always felt that one of my biggest difficulties in finding my place in the world is that I do not have any true sense of what the world is like. I want to take those three weeks to find out.
My dream is to travel. The only places in the world I have really been to are the United States and India. I have grown up in the US and have traveled many times to visit family in India. This time I want to go somewhere I have never been before, and experience something truly different.
How is a broke college student going to finance such a trip? That's part of the project, and where this blog comes in. I will be working this summer, so hopefully I'll earn some money that way. But I am also going to try to earn money the old-fashioned way by using my craft. I know that one skill I am pretty good at is writing. I am going to start (in the next post) by taking a picture of some place in the world, and writing about it. I will try to do this every day. If you would like to support me, you can do two things. First, send me a picture of somewhere you have been in the world at and I will write about that picture. I'll take all the recommendations I can get. Second, a trip like this requires money, so I would greatly appreciate your donations, even if they are only a few dollars. 

Finally, I hope that this blog will inspire you to share your dreams and stories. When did you last make one of your dreams come true? When did you last begin a journey? Share your stories in the comments. 

Thanks! And whatever is behind you, may you always look forward with a smile. 


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Lauren said...

I really love the idea behind your blog! I have done a bit of traveling myself and I have found I feel most alive when I am in a new place finding new things to learn. I love and completely support everyone with a love of travel. I can't wait to see more posts and I'm also going to try to find some photos to send you! Good luck with your adventures!