Monday, June 6, 2011


Tickla sailed over the deep blue waters towards the aqua-and-green oasis in the distance. Five weeks out at sea with nothing but salt-water and wretched fish for food could make even the strongest of dragons weary. Although she spent much of her time flying over the oceans, Tickla was indisputably a creature of the land. Sea-creatures did not appeal to her (except in very rare circumstances with certain whales) as beings worthy of interacting with, let alone eating. 
A waft of air emerged from Tickla's nostrils as she began descending. The warm air contrasted with the chill of the upper atmosphere; it smelled of relief. 

I have never been to Mauritius and definitely do not assume that there are dragons there. The descriptions are in no way meant to imply that this is what the culture of Mauritius is like- it is merely what sprung into my imagination based on this picture, which I found here.
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